Nov 242021


The three veteran Swedish musicians whose music is the subject of the following premiere proclaim their love for blood spatter and horror in the very name they chose for their collective enterprise: Gore Brigade. And of course it’s death metal they chose for the audio expression of their deviant adorations, a natural expression given the other bands on the resumes of this trio, who are: Guitarist Ludvig Johansson (Defiatory), drummer Jon Skäre (Defiatory, Wachenfeldt), and vocalist/lyricist Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath, Massacre) (who coincidentally was the subject of an interview we published earlier today).

Well, but death metal is a big tent that houses manifold mutations of sound, so what stylistic ingredients go into the musical blood cravings of Gore Brigade? Those will be fully revealed on December 10th, when Redefining Darkness Records will cremate the desiccated corpse of this year by releasing Gore Brigade‘s self-titled six-track EP, but today we give you a twisted taste of what’s coming through our premiere of an EP track named “The Rot Becomes You“.



The band introduce this new song with the following hideously funny words: “This song is about finding true love through post-mortem acts and excessive decomposition. Basically your typical Rom-Com scenario!”

This dose of rampant carnal cacophony is a wild blow-torch-driven romp from beginning to end. With the skin-crawling words expelled in a tandem of voracious growls and berserk screams (and some creepy spoken words at the end), the guitars blare like the pulse of demented sirens (fair warning: it’s going to get under your skin), and they also dart and cavort in a semblance of mad ecstasy, and carve like circle saws — with some fret-melting solos in the mix. Propelling the molten mayhem, the drums are no less crazed, ejecting full-throttle gallops, bullet-spitting fusillades, and detonating booms at high speed.

Get your juices frothing and flowing by hitting play below, and experience lust in the death metal way:



The band recorded their debut EP, and it was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at Enhanced Audio Productions. Benny Moberg created the vivid, horrifying cover art. Redefining Darkness will release it on CD and digitally. Get your orders in now! (And also give a listen to the previously released track “An Army of the Re-animated“, which you’ll find below.

We’re also happy to share the news that Gore Brigade are already busy writing new gory de-compositions.



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