Dec 162021


If you haven’t yet discovered the wickedness of FesterDecay, they formed in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan in 2015 with the aim of reviving goregrind the way Carcass did it with their 1988 full-length debut, Reek of Putrefaction.

FesterDecay have already released two demos and a split with the band Crash Syndrom, and now they’re releasing a new single named Aborticide. To get an idea of what’s coming, the band say their intent was “to make your eyeballs rot while you are eaten by maggots and body fluids drain from every hole of your body while you get ready for something bigger and tastier!”

“To make this single even more delicious,” they say, “we also added some infested entrails, a delicate touch of juicy pus and a live version of the track ‘Maggot Bath’! Blueearghhhh!”

Okay, are you ready to become befouled? Because we’re now presenting the song “Aborticide” in all its disgusting glory.

In the space of a compact two minutes FesterDecay create a musical vision of horror run rampant.

They do this with thick, writhing, roiling, and stomping riffs, grotesque vocals, eerily shrieking leads, and neck-cracking drumwork. The guitar sound is toxic; the cacophony of guttural grunts, growls, and hair-raising screams is a manifestation of criminal insanity; the overarching mood of the music is one of derangement and sickness. And it’s all exhilarating (as well as disgusting).

Aborticide is being released today by Everlasting Spew Records, and the label recommends it for fans of early Carcass, Dead Infection, and Pharmacist.



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