Jan 242022

All is fire in the premiere we’re now presenting, from the very name of the band — Insineratehymn — to the conflagration consuming the demonic figures in the album’s fantastic cover art, and the blood-boiling heat of the song we’re premiering.

That song, “Intransitive Sanction“, comes from this Los Angeles band’s second full-length, Disembodied, which has been readied for a February 25 release by Blood Harvest Records, in conspiracy with Rotted Life. As the accompanying PR materials correctly observe, the new album presents “a masterclass in ’90s death metal, from the spiraling vortexes of early Tampa to the sewage to come from New York, on to eerie emanations from Europe and the dissonance at the dawn of the new millennium”.

And thus the new album truly does represent a step up from Insineratehymn‘s promising debut in 2018, an elevation that becomes quickly apparent when you hear the lethally contagious “Intransitive Sanction“.

In this new song Insineratehymn turn up the heat right away, discharging flurries of battering drums and roiling riffage, and then launch an attack of piston-pounding drums, jolting and jittery guitars, manic bass lines, and bestial gutturals. The music darts and cavorts, discharges bursts of percussive automatic weaponry, skitters and hammers, and brings maniacal screams into the vocal fray.

The broiling madness in the music takes different forms as the song proceeds, with the band introducing new riffs and then a woozy and wailing guitar solo that sounds like a miserable ghost, but suddenly transforms into a screaming, fret-melting fireball.

The song has a clear and cutting sound, all the better to highlight all of its fierce and fiery extravagance.



Disembodied sends eight tracks into battle, including a closing cover of Entombed‘s “Bitter Loss”. Blood Harvest and Rotted Life will release it on CD, cassette tape, and digital formats, and a vinyl LP edition will follow later this year. The hellish, eye-catching cover art is the work of Edgar Roldan.

For more info, check the links below, and then also be sure to avail yourselves of the stream we’ve included for the previously released track “Proliferation of the Deceased“.




  1. Insineratehymn is my third favorite Deicide album. These fellers aint too shabby either.

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