Feb 222022


Once again the world finds itself on the precipice of invasion and armed conflict in Europe. One might have thought such days were long gone but now, astonishingly, memories have been revived of how world wars begin. It is thus fitting, even if coincidental, that today we’re premiering the first single by the part-American, part-Belgian black metal band Suntold, which itself delves into those chilling memories.

The name of the song is “The Hill“. In its lyrics it portrays fields drenched in the blood of many men and stinking of rotting flesh. It expresses the prayers of the living combatants that they may yet survive, that they might return to mothers, fathers, and brothers far away. It’s a timeless tale, of course, but the video roots the imagery in those global conflicts to which memories have now returned.

The music captures the thunder of munitions, the wild pulse of human madness, and the agony of pain and despair. The drums and bass detonate and fire in bursts of high-speed mechanized destructiveness. The guitars scream and blare, throb in crazed fevers, and quiver like snakes in a boil. When the hyper-accelerated momentum slows, the chords ring and reverberate, creating sensations of hopeless torment.

The unnerving vocals are a perfect match for the unnerving music — growling, snarling, screaming, and choking as if strangled. Both bestial cruelty and unchained suffering come through in those inflamed and horrifying sounds.

Suntold is a new formation with the following members:

Vocalist- Dakota Rivera (Inanimate Prognosis, Hellthorne)
Guitar/Mixing/Mastering- Cedric Hannecart (Human Vivisection, Sadistic Defilement, etc.)
Drums- Stijn Kelchtermans

Their debut album, which includes “The Hill” and nine other tracks, is entitled World Torn Asunder. It features artwork by Father of Horror and a logo by Extirpate Humanity Logos. It’s set for release on April 22nd, and if you come back to NCS on March 22nd you’ll get the chance to hear a second track premiere.

For more info about the release as it becomes available, follow Suntold here:


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