Apr 112022

On April 22nd Satanath Records (Georgia) and The Ritual Productions (Netherlands) will co-release Forlorn Reign, the third album by the Swedish death metal band Circle of Chaos. It comes a long eight years after the band’s second full-length, and represents the work of a changed line-up in pursuit of a new musical direction for the band, one that’s more extreme and aggressive and brings elements of black and thrash metal into the mix.

As a prime example of what the new album holds for listeners, we present the band’s official music video for a venomous, vicious, and preternatural track named “Purgatory“.

In just shy of four minutes Circle of Chaos pack a lot of dynamic sensations into the song. True to their name, they create fire-storming chaos through blasting drums, feverishly demented tremolo’d riffing, and howling vocal madness. They also erupt in sudden start-stop bursts that sound like the discharge of military weaponry. Through slow dissonant arpeggios, they create eerie and sinister moods. And they embellish the music with wailing and wriggling guitar solos that are exotic and enticing.

The drumming adds to the song’s many facets, booming and obliterating, segueing into measured hammer blows, and exploding in acrobatic fills, backed by a bass that rumbles and thunders. Throughout the song the vocals are savage and imperious, like a rabid animal that’s master of all it surveys.

In short, it’s a thriller of a song that merits the labels’ comparisons of the music to Bloodbath and Aeon, and it seems to capture the place for which the song is named — an unearthly place of purification through suffering.

HG Hogström – guitars
Jimmy Lundberg – guitars
Per Kolderup-Finstad – vocals
Mark Negro Villa – drums
Maël Nagot – bass

Forlorn Reign was mixed and mastered by Jari Lindholm, and features ghastly cover art by JRMR Artworks.

In addition to links that will give you more info about the album and how to acquire it, we’re also including a stream of the previously released song “Förödelsens Tid“, which is a free download at Satanath‘s Bandcamp page for the album.



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