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In the lore of demonology incubi are male demons believed to engage in sexual intercourse with sleeping women, and succubi are female demons believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. In both cases, these nightmare couplings rarely have a good end. And thus the song that the Chicago-based death metal band Inner Decay have named for these demon spirits is itself a seductive horror.

Incubi et Succubi” is the second track to be revealed so far from Enter the Void, Inner Decay‘s forthcoming second album, which will be released by the Romanian label Pest Records. It’s the exhilarating follow-up to the band’s 2018 full-length debut, Souls of War, and finds founding guitarist Tomasz Bielski and vocalist Silvestre Flores in harness with a slightly revised but still formidable line-up around them.

The lyric video we’re presenting for “Incubi et Succubi” (created by Andrea Mantelli) makes good use of the new album’s frightening cover art, a fitting visual accompaniment for the heart-pumping nightmares brought to life in the music.

As the song proceeds it doesn’t take long for the percussive hammering to begin, or for the band to begin ejecting a fusillade of high-speed riffs that feverishly skitter and blare in madness as the evil words pour out in malignant roars. An eerie lead-guitar melody worms its way through all the pulse-pumping drumwork and crazed fretwork, channeling both dangerous seduction and whining misery.

The song’s skull-cracking and spine-jarring grooves never completely vanish, though the tempo does slow, allowing the band to create moods of hideous grandeur, oppressive foreboding, and crawling agony. The pairing of bestial growls and lacerating screams create a terrorizing harmony, and a berserk solo amplifies the madness in the music. Near the end, the band bring in a harmony of a different and surprising kind – melodic singing that wails like lost souls who have witnessed their own destruction.

Enter the Void is set for release by Pest Records on May 27th, in both jewel-case CD and digital editions. Below, you’ll find useful links as well as a stream of the first single off the album, “Death of the Sun“.


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