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(For many, many years our friend Vonlughlio , originally from the Dominican Republic and now in North Carolina, has compiled a list of his favorite brutal death metal releases for sharing at NCS, and he’s done it again this year, with a rogue’s gallery of artwork replete with guts, blood, skulls, monsters, and other eerie and abhorrent scenes.)

It’s been so long since I have written for NCS and I do sure miss it, but with my new job and family I have almost no time to do so. Nevertheless, I will try to change this for 2023. I am just thankful that Islander, lets me post my top 25 BDM albums list each year.

To those not familiar, the reason to do a year end list just for Brutal Death Metal is to give this genre and the bands more exposure. Also, NCS writers and collaborators do a fantastic job in covering other metal genres. So, this year for BDM has been a great one, providing lots of cool releases that just blew me away from start to finish. Since this is only a list of 25 albums, some albums that you might like might not there. Probably because I did not have the chance to listen or it was not released by the time I made my choices.

Another thing, if an album you loved is not here, that does not mean it sucked, It might be because I just like the ones I chose more. Anyway, not taking too much of your time, below is my list.



25. Maximize Bestiality – Omnihilation (Brutal Mind)

Finally after 8 years we get the sophomore effort of this German group and I have to say the wait was worth it. This release is a great example of a perfect balance of slam/BDM. You can hear in each of the 9 songs (the first track is an intro) that they placed emphasis on this, and for me it paid off.



24. Infernal Pyre – Walls of Iron (Lord of the Sick Recordings)

From the mastermind behind goregrind project Yahisoba (check out their debut album here), this one-man project is vicious, fast, and all of the songs are just blast after blast. Some would say this project reminds them of Brodequin and I can understand, but this is an entity of its own and I hope for future releases.



23. Infectology – Deification of Anthropophagical Rites (New Standard Elite)

After 6 years this lovely band from Ecuador have released their anticipated 3rd album and it crushes from start to finish. Great representation of what this country has to ofter to the BDM genre. Eight songs that are filled with killer riffs, disgusting vocals, and blasts for days.



22. Imperial Excecration – Commanding Satan’s Crusades (Comatose Music)

With members of Ataud, Despondency, Goreinhaled, and Carnivore Diprosopus, you get this amazing project that is just disgusting BDM. My favorite aspects are the vocals and the killer riffs. A strong debut and I hope they continue to release music in the future.



21. Esophagus – Inglorious Beings (Lord of the Sick Recordings)

I loved their 2020 debut album Defeated by Their Inferiority and this release continues the excellence. This band from Chile has done a great job in blending slam and BDM in their song structures and vocal patterns. I have enjoyed this album ever more than their debut. They have stiuck with their style and it has paid off.



20. Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement – Constructing The Cataclysm (Comatose Music)

Two local legends (Jordan Valera and Jay Barnes) of the underground of North Carolina have finally released the 3rd installment of this project. Some say this is pure death metal but for me it’s death metal with BDM elements in all of their songs stucture. I like this project and these guys deserve recognition for their music contribution in the BDM genre along with their other projects (Lust of Decay, Cesspool of Vermin).



19. Vaginal Addcition – Indulging in Barbarism (Sevared Records)

The sophomore effort from this Canadian band is just a sick album from the cover to songs that just don’t leave anything to imagination. Have to say that this album is fantastic with a natural production that lets each instrument contribute equally to the final product. They deserve more recognition.



18. Purulent Spermcanal – Chainsaw Family Massacre Game (Bizarre Leprous Production)

I love this goregrind band from Czechia that has been around since 1995. They are simply one of my favorite in this genre. This new album for me is by far my favorite release from them and has the best production as well. Overall, a band who enjoy themselves and are fun. Just wished they would get more credit for their contribution in the goregrind genre.



17. Syphilic – …And Justice For None (Independent)

This project released their 9th album and for me it is one of my favorites from this year. Syphilic never dissapoints and always delivers!!!



16. Organectomy – Nail Below Nail (Unique Leader Records)

Was fortunate to see this New Zealand band when they toured the USA with Disentomb, Visceral Disgorge, and Mental Cruelty, and they won me over with their live performance. Three years later we have their 3rd full length and it’s their best work to date.



15. Deleterious – Beheading the Culprit (New Standard Elite)

Here’s a band from the Philippines with members from Fatal Castration that released their debut album. From the first notes I was impressed by how good they are. This young project has a lot of potential and their cover of Disgorge‘s “Atonement” is of one the best covers I’ve heard.



14. Sijjeel – Salvation Within Insanity (Comatose Music)

The debut album from this project with members of Korpse, Engulfed in Repugnance, Stillbirth, and Creative Waste. When I heard this I was impressed right away and it has not left my playist since then. This is an astonishing album that is a must-listen.



13. Decrepit Cadaver – Revelations (Unmatched Brutality Records)

The 4th album from one of my favorite Chilean bands, who never disappoint. After five years they grace us with this release, which shows why we love them so much. They never compromise to trends and stay true to their sound.



12. Posthuman Abomination – Mankind Recall (Comatose Music)

This second album from this Italian band has a special place in my heart. This is a step up from their debut, in my opinion. Good balance of BDM with Tech influences. Mi piace molto!!!! Cazzo!!! and that is all.



11. Pulmonary Fibrosis – Pulmonologists (Obliteration Records)

These French goregrinders have been around since 1998 and are one of the best in the genre. They have released so many good quality splits that I have lost count. This new album has become my favorite and shows they are on top of their game. A must if you like goregrind!!! They need more recognition for their hard work.



10. Blasted Pancreas – Pathogenic Organisms in Blood (SBDC Records)

After 11 years this BDM/goregrind project released their second album and it is top-notch!! As if they were frozen in time and just picked up were they left things the last time. Strong album from start to finish.



09.Desecrate the Faith – III (Comatose Music)

The third album from this Texas band is a bulldozer of blasts and riffs that are to die for. This band is what TXDM is about and for me it’s their best work. Great musicians who have proven themselves in the scene and work together well in creating music for us fans to enjoy.



08. Encenathrakh – Ithate Thngth Oceate (P2 Records)

The third album from one of the craziest bands out there — their song structures are just insane and relentless. Are they machines or humans? Who knows, but I do know I love every single thing they put out.



07. Antropofagus- Origin (Agonia Records)

The long-awaited third release from this Italian band, an dit is mesmerizing. The vocals, riffs, and drum patterns just complement each other so well for what is their finest work to date.



06. Excrescence – Inescapable Anatomical Deterioration (New Standard Elite)

This band from Washington released their first album this year, and it is one of the best out there. It shows that these guys know what they want and confidently execute those ideas as to how BDM should sound. An album that with time gets better and better and should achieve cult status, yeah I said it.



05. Anal Stabwound – Reality Drips into the Mouth of Indifference (New Standard Elite)

This is the one-man project operated by none other than The BDM Prodigy Nikhil. This kid took the scene by storm in 2020 or before by posting videos of him playing different instruments, showing how talented he is. I mean he could play any genre but he chose BDM, so forever he will be its prodigy.



04. Gargling – Depraved Ingestion of Cranial Discharge (Lifeless Chasm Records)

My favorite goregrind release of this year. Harry and Max have outdone themselves with this album. They are fast, brutal, and vicious as fuck. The beauty is that they are releasing more music for 2023 and I can’t wait to see what they do next.



03. Incremation – Dilapidated Psyche (Dismembered Records)

One of the best BDM scenes in the world is the Indonesian one. Having said that, the releases have been sounding the same. But in the case of Incremation they stepped in and have distinguished themselves from the rest. Simply the best release to come from that region this year.



02. Intestinal Engorgement – Putrefying Consumption of Dismemberment (Amputated Vein Records)

This band from Panama released their debut album, and it took the scene by storm. This project is enmity on steroids. But make no mistake, this is an entity that has taken this style and made it their own. Just fucking outstanding.



And below is my favorite BDM album of 2022

01. Stabbing – Extirpated Mortal Process (Comatose Music)

Simply my favorite overall. This band was just established in 2021 and since then have been on the rise. With members from the TXDM scene who have proven themselves over the years, Stabbing released an album that shows their skills to the fullest. I was able to see them perfom live in Charlotte, NC, and holy fuck!!!!! they leveled the place. I simply can’t say enought about how good they are.

  9 Responses to “VONLUGHLIO’S TOP 25 OF 2022”

  1. Lots of real good shit here, for me it’s the trifecta of Stabbing/Anal Stabwound/Baalsebub this year. Special shoutout to Scrumptious Presence & Gargling. Max from Gargling also has a sick goregrind band called Organ Failure that dropped an album this year, good shit. Talented dude.

    Best thing here new to me is Vaginal Addiction, but come on that name… terrible. I know it’s bdm, but still. (You can) Do better folks.

    Anyhow thanks Vonlughlio, always enjoy your lists this time of year.

  2. Ive been waiting to see what made your list! Happy to find that I missed a few

  3. Cheers, Vonlughlio!

  4. A list with a particular medical/anatomic vibe! Perfect for a plague year.

  5. Great list! Amazing experience thanx.

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