Aug 252023

Back in January we helped slap the ass of newborn 2023 and get the baby screaming through our premiere of the title song from Black n´Punk Marauders, a debut EP by the German band Devil’s Hour.

As the record’s name signaled, the EP’s music was a cauldron of sound mainly influenced by Punk, Rock, and First Wave Black Metal bands from the ’80s and ’90s, but Devil’s Hour also masterfully pulled from wellsprings of old-school speed metal and classic heavy metal. And as feral and ferocious as the music was, the EP quickly proved that Devil’s Hour know how to write songs that are also highly infectious.

Since the release of that EP the band’s vocalist Wild Rogan deoarted, but they decided to forge ahead as a four-piece, with guitarist Burt Cocaine stepping into the vocal role, as he had done before in the band’s live shows.

Before they were Devil’s Hour the band had a different name — Sexrex. Under that older name they put out a 2020 EP named Beerlethics. And now with the revised lineup mentioned above they decided to re-record that EP’s title song. It’s being digitally released today by the German label Crawling Chaos, and we’re bringing it to you now, to help viciously kick 2023 careening toward the end of the year.

As this re-recorded song demonstrates, the mic is in good hands with Burt Cocaine. He brings vicious roars and scalding screams to this ripping, riotous, and ruinous rampage.

The song is also packed to the frothing brim with constantly changing killer riffs. Cocaine and co-guitarist Kyle Thunder electrify the senses with brazen punk chords, catchy speed-metal frenzies, and malignant black metal hostility, and they create moods of bleakness and sorrow as well. On top of all that the song includes soloing that’s both exotically arcane and hot enough to melt strings.

Meanwhile, drummer Johnny Doe and bassist Joey Steel put on their own continually changing show, driving the song hard but doing their own part to keep heads spinning, matching up with all the guitarists’ twists and turns.

Grab beers and get ready to romp with all the demons in Hell:

As noted above, “Beerlethics” is available today as a single via Crawling Chaos. And if you haven’t yet discovered the wild wonders of the band’s debut EP, get on that via the further links below.




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