Jan 062023

Not even one full week into the new year, and we’re already seeing lots of excited reactions among metal fans and our own staff about how strong the year is beginning, and today we’ve got one more reason for you to be excited, thanks to the German band Devil’s Hour.

On their new six-song EP Black n´Punk Marauders, the band whip up enough high-voltage energy to power big turbines. As the album’s name suggests, their music is a cauldron of sound that’s mainly influenced by Punk, Rock, and First Wave Black Metal bands from the ’80s and ’90s, but Devil’s Hour also masterfully pull from wellsprings of old-school speed metal and classic heavy metal.

The spiked gauntlet and vicious knuckledusters on the record’s cover reinforce the message that this is intended to be a savage rampage, but as feral and ferocious as the music is, it quickly becomes clear that these marauders know how to write songs, and highly infectious ones at that. Continue reading »