Sep 052023

On October 13th the Zwaertgevegt label will release an album-length split that assembles the music of four connected Dutch black metal bands: Schavot, Asgrauw, Hellevaeder, and Duindwaler. The title of the split is Verloren Vertellingen (“Lost Tales”), so-named because each of the eight tracks is a musical interpretation of folk tales from the rich history of the Netherlands.

Despite the thematic focus of each band’s recordings for this split, and the connections among members, the bands definitely do not all sound alike, which is one of the factors that makes the split so compelling. What we have for you today is one of the two songs on the split by Schavot.

Schavot is the solo project work of multi-instrumentalist Floris, who is also a member of Asgrauw, Meslamtaea, and Sagenland.

Schavot has paid homage to Scandinavian second-wave black metal, initially drawing inspiration from the likes of Emperor, Obtained Enslavement, Ancient, and the first two Dimmu Borgir albums, through two previously released albums — including Kronieken uit de nevel (discussed here), which was brought to the light of day by Void Wanderer Productions in January of this year.

The name of the song we’re presenting today from the forthcoming split is “Waart Oe!” It creates an evolving experience that’s downcast, desperate, and ultimately becomes an otherworldly spectacle.

Sounds of thunder and the slow, mournful wail of a trumpet provide the prelude to the song, like a visitation to an internment beneath sodden skies. And then the guitar itself begins to wail in piercing, soaring tones, somehow both elevated and anguished.

A crackling goblin-snarl ejects the words, both savage and seemingly stricken, and the drums manage to seize attention with their unpredictable variations despite the brilliantly blazing scale of the music, which becomes even more distressing as it sweeps forward in slow waves, driven by the drums’ turbulent hammering.

The song’s gradual build to stricken heights reaches even higher elevations through a layering of sounds that frantically trill and extravagantly swirl way up in the sonic stratosphere, and through gritty dramatic pronouncements that become rabid.

The turmoil in the music continues boiling over in ravishing ways, yet breathtaking visions of splendor are equally apparent.

As mentioned, “Waart Oe!” is one of two Schavot songs on the split, the other being “Pieël“. The split also includes two tracks each by the other three bands. It will be released on vinyl LP format, featuring cover art by Chloe the Cartographer.



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