Sep 052023

On October 13th the Zwaertgevegt label will release an album-length split that assembles the music of four connected Dutch black metal bands: Schavot, Asgrauw, Hellevaeder, and Duindwaler. The title of the split is Verloren Vertellingen (“Lost Tales”), so-named because each of the eight tracks is a musical interpretation of folk tales from the rich history of the Netherlands.

Despite the thematic focus of each band’s recordings for this split, and the connections among members, the bands definitely do not all sound alike, which is one of the factors that makes the split so compelling. What we have for you today is one of the two songs on the split by Schavot. Continue reading »

Nov 302022

In September of 2021 Void Wanderer Productions released the fine debut album Galgenbrok by the black metal band Schavot, whose sole figure is part of the Dutch Zwotte Kring (Black Circle), a collective that also includes the likes of Asgrauw, Meslamtaea, and Sagenland.

But as good as that debut album was, Schavot has not rested upon it but used it instead as a foundation for building something even greater — or at least that’s the conclusion we draw from the song “De Laatste Dans Gedanst“, the first track that we’re revealing today from a new Schavot full-length entitled Kronieken Uit de Neve that’s set for release on January 27th by the same Void Wanderer Productions. Continue reading »