Nov 302022

In September of 2021 Void Wanderer Productions released the fine debut album Galgenbrok by the black metal band Schavot, whose sole figure is part of the Dutch Zwotte Kring (Black Circle), a collective that also includes the likes of Asgrauw, Meslamtaea, and Sagenland.

But as good as that debut album was, Schavot has not rested upon it but used it instead as a foundation for building something even greater — or at least that’s the conclusion we draw from the song “De Laatste Dans Gedanst“, the first track that we’re revealing today from a new Schavot full-length entitled Kronieken Uit de Neve that’s set for release on January 27th by the same Void Wanderer Productions.

The cover art on Schavot‘s new album hearkens back to a terrible and tragic time in the 16th Century, when nearly 200 people were killed during the witch trials in the Netherlands, and of course in even greater numbers throughout other places in Europe and North America.

The slow, bell-like toll of the chords and the mournful classical strings in the opening of “De Laatste Dans Gedanst“, accompanied by weeping bass tones, are themselves a portrayal of tragedy, but the music also bursts open, with drums vehemently hammering, the high, whirring guitars igniting in intensity, and the screamed vocals becoming a searing presence themselves.

Even then, in that boiling cauldron of sound, there’s a feeling of terrible tragedy in the music, but also the delirium of pain. The sounds, including the extravagant wrenching cries, are turbulent and soul-shattering, but at the same time the song soars in a ravishing display of dire splendor, so magnificent in its scale and dramatic in its torment and trauma that it might send your heart into your throat.

This is certainly a very intense and memorable introduction to Schavot‘s new album, and very enticing teaser for what else it holds for us.

Void Wanderer will release Kronieken Uit de Neve on CD and cassette tape formats, and they are available for pre-order now via the links below. And in case you haven’t yet discovered the music of Schavot‘s debut Galgenbrok, you definitely should do so — here.




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