Jul 102017


Though laid low by an injury over the past week, I recovered well enough this weekend to do lots of catching up on what I missed. I suppose that’s obvious, given how much music I recommended in the Saturday and Sunday NCS posts, but I’m not finished. Here are recommended songs from seven more bands (I ran out of gas before posting these blackened offerings in their usual place on Sunday).

Some of the music in this post comes from full albums or EPs that have already been released, and with one exception I’ve only sampled a few tracks from each of those so far — but I like what I’ve heard. So, rather than risk not mentioning them at all, I’ve selected one song from each of those full releases to include here. The rest are advance tracks from forthcoming albums.


This Spanish black metal band from Valencia released their first demo in 1997, and on July 1 the French label Egregor Records released the group’s fourth album, Disciples of Venomous Death. The track I selected to begin this collection of music appears third in the running order and its name is “Exsanguination Smell” Continue reading »

Oct 312014


Urzeit from Portland, Oregon, and Akatharsia from Oakland, California, have united for a split release that recently became available on Bandcamp and will be released on vinyl near the end of November. Though the two bands manifest the shroud of black metal in different ways, they both deliver a caustic, corrosive, and gratifyingly venomous listening experience.


I first came upon Urzeit through a guest review of their impressive first demo posted on this site back in February (they have since released a second one). The band’s three-person lineup reportedly includes two members of Ash Borer and Triumvir Foul, plus the sole member of Mizmor. Continue reading »