Sep 202011

(Here’s TheMadIsraeli’s promised review of the new self-titled album from Denmark’s Anubis Gate.)

Previously, I asked Islander to post about the new Anubis Gate album streaming (here) and I told you I’d review it, so here we go.  You should just listen to that stream while reading, and you’ll be sold on this without even finishing it.

For the uninitiated, Anubis Gate is a (mostly) 4-piece progressive power metal act hailing from Denmark, with an occasional 5th being added in the person of Invocator’s Jacob Hansen taking the vocal position for shits and giggles.  Hansen appeared on two of the band’s albums, with the other two fronted by a different vocalist, but now on this album vocal duties are handled by bassist Henrik Fevre.  For the initiated, there should be nothing to adapt to here, as Henrik’s voice is completely familiar — you’ve heard him doing backup vocals all the time.

Anubis Gate plays a style of progressive power metal in the heavier, more aggressive vein of bands such as Symphony X, employing down-tuned guitars, weighty grooves, massive melodic landscapes and fiery shred.  Anubis Gate, though, does all of this in a way that feels entirely original.  NO ONE sounds like these guys, NO ONE!

I’m gonna let the album’s opener speak for itself.  (after the jump . . .) Continue reading »