Apr 232018


Anvil Kvlt’s artwork for the new album by the Hungarian black metal band Aornos signals important aspects of the music, as does the album’s title: The Great Scorn. The song we bring you today in advance of the album’s April 29 release by a consortium of labels provides a further gripping representation of what the album holds in store.

That track — “From A Higher Reality” — is rich in arcane atmosphere and bursting with poisonous, blood-rushing energy. It bruises the mind, but also practices a devilish form of sorcery that leads to a perilous hypnosis. Continue reading »

Aug 272016

Khorada-Photo by Cody Keto


Happy Hangover Day to one and all. In this Saturday round-up I’ve included one exciting news item and four songs that I discovered over the last 24 hours, which I’ve also found exciting. The first two are older songs. I tend to focus in these round-ups on brand new material, but I’m including these two not only because they’re very good but also because both bands have new albums in the works. The third and fourth songs are more par for the course — just-released advance tracks from forthcoming releases.


We begin with the exciting news item. Our brother Joseph at Invisible Oranges was quick on the trigger yesterday, spreading the news about Khôrada, which is how I found out about the announcement. For those who don’t patronize IO, Khôrada is the name of a new band whose line-up includes the three refugees of Agalloch, whose visionary founding member set them adrift last May. Continue reading »