May 072016

Denouncement Pyre-Black Sun Unbound


Some people may have noticed that I failed to compile even one round-up of new music all of this past week (unless you count that little Warriors in Forests thing). I’ve still been spending hours every afternoon or evening in a hospital ICU trying to help support my injured friend and her family.

For those of you who have been following my scattered references to this tragedy, my friend came out of her coma yesterday, though she still drifts in and out of consciousness and is now beset with other medical issues in addition to her injury.  It’s too soon to tell exactly how seriously impaired she will be as a result of the injury to her brain.  She can answer some simple yes or no questions by moving her fingers or foot, but she hasn’t attempted to speak and doesn’t move much. I’m trying to remain hopeful, but this is still heart-breaking.

Though I haven’t had time to do much for NCS this week besides write introductions to premieres, I have been keeping a list of new song and album streams and videos that I’ve noticed. As usual, there’s a shitload of them, far too many to write about in one post. I picked a handful to include in this post (and Austin Weber wrote an introduction to one of them as well). I’m also planning to prepare a Shades of Black post for tomorrow to collect others. Continue reading »

Jul 052013

Apathia Records is an independent French record label founded in 2009.  They say they have only one rule: “We sign what we like.” The truth of this statement is demonstrated by a digital compilation of music entitled Compendium: Year I – III that Apathia has just released for free download.

The compilation consists of 11 tracks by 11 different bands, and stylistically the music is all over the place (and includes bands that are outside the realm of what we usually cover at NCS). It includes groove/thrash from Heart Attack; death metal from Genital Grinder and Como Muertos; gothic avant garde by Wormfood;  ambient rock/metal from Përl, Lyan, and Blien Vesne; post-rock by What Mad Universe; and mind-fucking music that there’s simply no easy way to describe from PryapismeÖXXÖ XÖÖX, Abstrusa Unde.

I managed to track down embeddable streams of all the songs on the comp except the one by Heart Attack and I’m including them after the jump (for Heart Attack, I’ve got a different song from the same album that includes guest vocals by Shawter of Dagoba).

To get the compilation, go to THIS PAGE. When you get there you will have to like Apathia on Facebook, tweet them, or give them a +1 on Google Plus to unlock the download. The digital file includes a digital booklet. Check out the song streams next. Continue reading »