Jun 072016

Arcana 13 - band


(Comrade Aleks provides NCS readers an introduction to Italy’s Arcana 13 and their album Danza Macabra, with excerpts from Aleks‘ interview of the band at Doom-Metal.com.)

Here’s the short guide for Italian horror cinematograph-with-doom outfit Arcana 13 who dedicated the entire album Danza Macabra to this outstanding genre. Let the horror in!

Arcana 13’s original lineup is a bunch of talented musicians who know what they want and know how to reach their goals. Andrea Burdisso is on guitar and main vocals, Simone Bertozzi plays guitar and sings as well, and then there is Filippo Petrini as bass guitarist and Luigi Taroni on the drums. They’ve all been in the music scene since the ’90s, and they are long-time friends too. Continue reading »