Oct 252021


(This is DGR‘s review of a new album by the German band Betrayal, which was released last April by Rising Nemesis Records.)

There are some albums that, no matter how late in the year it may be when we’re able to write them up, feel like we absolutely must do so, especially when we would otherwise have to explain why all of a sudden the album seems to appear basically out of nowhere on our year-end list. Betrayal’s Disorder Remains is one such album.

Disorder Remains was released six months ago in the middle of April, and I do expect it will be barreling onto my year-end list, despite our previous failure to talk about it at length (we did premiere a song from it in April). We’ve covered the German genre-splicing group in greater depth before, as their previous release Infinite Circle was an album that won a few of us over five years back, so if you’ve been with us a while you’ve likely seen the name. But with Disorder Remains the thrashier-prog-death hybridization that Betrayal get up to is elevated to a whole other level, playing out like the most natural evolutionary step the band could’ve made with their sound. Continue reading »

Apr 082021


More than 15 years after their first formation and almost five years after the release of their debut album Infinite Circles, the German death metal band Betrayal are returning with a second full-length, set for release on April 16th via Rising Nemesis Records. Not surprisingly, over such a span of years the band’s line-up has changed from time to time, and their music has evolved as well, leading to a formulation of death metal that has become strikingly multi-faceted.

For example, the advance press recommends their new album Disorder Remains for fans of Misery Index, Revocation, Death, Behemoth, and Decapitation, and also refers to the band’s incorporation of thrash, technical, and progressive elements, as well as old-school death metal traditions. But those references don’t exhaust the extent to which Betrayal have allowed their creativity free rein, as you’ll discover through the dark, intense track we’re premiering today, the name of which is “Greed and Oblivion“. Continue reading »

Jun 082016

Betrayal-Infinite Circles


(TheMadIsraeli delivers our premiere of a full album stream for the debut full-length by Germany’s Betrayal, along with a review.)

Betrayal is a promising melodic death metal new-blood hailing from Aschaffenburg, Germany. Their new album Infinite Circles is one of the most impressive debuts I’ve heard this year, mixing the technicality and high/low vocal attack of The Black Dahlia Murder, the venom and dynamism of Arsis along with some proggy undertones that call to mind bands like Extol, all firmly rooted by a very The Absence-esque dedication to the best of tried and true melodic death metal convention. Continue reading »