Dec 232009

This is turning into video day at NCS. Not like that was our purpose when we rolled out of bed this morning. Just happened. We saw the new video released yesterday by Living Sacrifice and put that up. We put up a piece on Brutal Truth and decided, what the hell, maybe some of you haven’t seen the vid of “Sugar Daddy,” so that’s up too. And then we saw that today the almighty Meshuggah had released a video trailer for their forthcoming DVD/CD combo, Live, which is set for U.S. release on February 9. And you know, as short teasers go, it does the trick — if you’re a Meshuggah fan (as we are) it will get you hot and bothered. So watch it after the jump, along with the other videos with which we’re filling up the page today, and then come back a little later and see our eighth entry on the Ten Most Infectious list. Continue reading »

Dec 232009



Are you having one of those days when it seems like the whole world is made out of sharp edges? Where all the people you encounter just seem pointed and cutting? Where even the light feels like daggers in your eyes? Where you begin to think your skull itself is filled with razor blades? Well, my friends, what you need is a little industrial strength grind action.

No, no, no, we don’t mean that kind of grind action.  Get your nasty minds out of the gutter! We’re talking about something that will grind all those sharp edges down to a nice smooth finish that you can slide right over. We’re talking about the kind of grind that Brutal Truth delivers. (More after the jump.) Continue reading »