Mar 142018


We’ve already raved like lunatics about the first song released from the new album by Chicago’s Cardiac Arrest, and now we have an excuse to rave some more because we’re premiering another track from their monstrous new album, A Parallel Dimension of Despair. The album will be released on April 23rd by the Spanish label Memento Mori.

This is Cardiac Arrest’s sixth album in a career that began in the late ’90s, with original guitarist and vocalist Adam Scott still at the helm. The years have passed, other members have come and gone, but it’s obvious from this new album that the spirit of morbid, rotting death is alive and well in the black souls of the four slaughterers who are now continuing to carry the torch forward. Continue reading »

Feb 062018


All good things must come to an end, and so I must end this Tuesday torrent of tumultuous sound in order to pay a small amount of attention to the rest of my life. If you’ve managed to make your way through all four parts of this round-up, congratulations on your fortitude and thank you (and I’m sure the bands would thank you too), but I assume no responsibility for the cost of medical treatment for your eardrums.

In this final chapter, I’ve ranged far and wide in genre terms, perhaps more so than in the previous chapters. Buckle up for a swerving ride.


Songs like “It Takes Form” make me feel like Pavlov’s dog at the sound of the dinner bell: I start salivating uncontrollably. This kind of utterly morbid but powerfully electrifying vintage death metal, composed and performed this masterfully, always seems to have that effect. Continue reading »