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We’ve already raved like lunatics about the first song released from the new album by Chicago’s Cardiac Arrest, and now we have an excuse to rave some more because we’re premiering another track from their monstrous new album, A Parallel Dimension of Despair. The album will be released on April 23rd by the Spanish label Memento Mori.

This is Cardiac Arrest’s sixth album in a career that began in the late ’90s, with original guitarist and vocalist Adam Scott still at the helm. The years have passed, other members have come and gone, but it’s obvious from this new album that the spirit of morbid, rotting death is alive and well in the black souls of the four slaughterers who are now continuing to carry the torch forward.



This new song is “Become the Pain“, and it brings the pain — in a particularly convulsive and highly addictive way. Deploying stringed instruments with a particularly massive, gut-rumbling tone, the band have crafted a titanic juggernaut that alternately jolts, seethes, and rips. Propelled by an array of neck-snapping drumwork, it’s a fiery and ferocious barrage of old-school death, augmented by gruesome, throaty roars and ghastly howls, and further accented by a solo that buzzes like an angry hornet swarm and then takes off in a spiraling, incendiary finish.

Yes, it’s murderous and it gives off an authentically putrid stench, but the song-writing is top-shelf, and so is the execution, and the result is that this piece of blood-soaked barbarism stays with you.


A Parallel Dimension of Despair features cover art by Juanjo Castellano, and it was mastered by Javi Felez at Spain’s Moontower Studios, which are two more good reasons to grab this album when you can. For further release details, watch these spaces:

Cardiac Arrest:

Memento Mori:



  1. Sounds like slam dancing revamped! Good stuff, boys.

    #1ManRotCrew #RotBeWithYou

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