May 192015


One thing leads to another. On April 27 we announced our sponsorship of a tour by West Virginia’s Byzantine with Mobile Deathcamp from Ohio. That led to our May 8 announcement of a follow-on tour by Mobile Deathcamp with support from Massachusetts-based Carnivora. And that led to what you’re about to hear — our premiere of a Carnivora song named “A Vision In Red” from their new EP The Vision.

The Vision is a four-track offering that follows the band’s 2013 full-length debut, Eternal, and “A Vision In Red” is the EP’s opening song. The song blends together riffs that alternately swarm and jab, a flurry of pugilistic drum strikes, and a couple of flickering, spiraling guitar solos that really light up the song like a Roman candle — not to mention a nimble, thrumming bass line and some bleeding-edge vocal excretions. Continue reading »

May 082015


About ten days ago we announced details about a tour that we’re helping to sponsor, headlined by West Virginia’s Byzantine with support from Toledo, Ohio’s Mobile Deathcamp. And now we can tell you that when the Byzantine tour reaches its conclusion, Mobile Deathcamp will join forces with Carnivora from Massachusetts, to continue on a cross-country rampage.

As previously announced, Mobile Deathcamp’s tour with Byzantine will begin on June 12 in Elmhurst, NY, and continues through a date in Asheville, NC, on June 27. And then on July 1, the Mobile Deathcamp-Carnivora onslaught will begin in Indianapolis and continue through August 9 in Danville, Kentucky, with stops in a total of 18 states. To get all the details, click on the flyer above to view an enlarged image — or check the alternate flyer just after the jump. Continue reading »