Oct 012014


(Our man Leperkahn continues forging ahead with some round-up posts while I pretend to be doing other things.)

I forgot I had this theme for an earlier round-up post, but we’ll return to it now.


I tend not to associate 20 Buck Spin with crossover thrash. Because of that, I avoided streaming the new track from Helsinki’s Foreseen at first, until I saw it later in an email from Islander. Short response from me would be feck me for not checking this out earlier, ‘cause this track absolutely rips.

What I had neglected to remember was that 20 Buck Spin pretty much always puts out kickass releases, and this one is no different, even if it’s a bit different than their normal fare. Anyway, if you like your thrash searing, sizzling, and ferocious, give the below track, “Death Injection”, a spin, and look for their debut album Helsinki Savagery on November 25. Continue reading »