Feb 242017


One look at the title of this post will tell you that I’m drowning in new music that I want to recommend — seven bands are named, and this is already Part 2 of a SEEN AND HEARD collection for this Friday, and I’m already working on a third part, which I probably won’t finish and post until tomorrow. But, you know, it’s a good kind of drowning.

There’s always a risk of sensory overload when I let these collections get out of hand, or at least a risk of people running out of time before they’re able to sample everything (much less read all these damned words). But rather than retreat, I’ll just borrow the words of Shakespeare as expressed through King Henry V to his soldiers: “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more….”


I do my best to unearth good music from bands I’ve never heard of, but I also answer the bell like Pavlov’s dog when something new comes out from a band I’ve liked for a long time. Evocation are one of those bands, a group whose music I’ve been addicted to ever since ever since their resurrection in 2007 with Tales From the Tomb. Which is why I’m kind of embarrassed by not learning of these first two songs sooner than I have. Continue reading »

Oct 012014


(Our man Leperkahn continues forging ahead with some round-up posts while I pretend to be doing other things.)

I forgot I had this theme for an earlier round-up post, but we’ll return to it now.


I tend not to associate 20 Buck Spin with crossover thrash. Because of that, I avoided streaming the new track from Helsinki’s Foreseen at first, until I saw it later in an email from Islander. Short response from me would be feck me for not checking this out earlier, ‘cause this track absolutely rips.

What I had neglected to remember was that 20 Buck Spin pretty much always puts out kickass releases, and this one is no different, even if it’s a bit different than their normal fare. Anyway, if you like your thrash searing, sizzling, and ferocious, give the below track, “Death Injection”, a spin, and look for their debut album Helsinki Savagery on November 25. Continue reading »