May 112022

(Temple of Mystery Records will soon release a new album by the Quebec heavy/doom metal band Cauchemar, and that prompted Comrade Aleks to get in touch with vocalist Annick Giroux. We present that discussion now.)

True followers of Doom Cult know Canadian Cauchemar well, and we have good news for them as Temple of Mystery Records are going to release the band’s third album on May 16th. They bear the torch of original heavy metal doom since 2007 and have never failed, providing the best they can.

A die-hard and honest approach, French lyrics, the charismatic vocals of Annick Giroux and melodic guitars of François Patry, accompanied by the rhythm section performed by Andres Arango (bass) and Joel Ladouceur (drums) – all these components make Rosa Mystica an unforgettable experience. There’s some time left before this celebration for old-school metalheads, and we have a conversation with Annick regarding this new release. Continue reading »