Feb 012011

Hey, I was wondering whether any of you dudes or ladies might be driving to Darjeeling in the vicinity of September 30?  See, I just found out there’s a metal festival that’s gonna happen there from September 30 – October 2 called Underground Unleashed 2011. And wait til you see the line-up:

Incantation (USA)
Demonical (Sweden)
Cerebral Bore (U.K)
Nervo Chaos (Brazil)
Dethroned (U.S.)
Arsames (Iran)
InnerGuilt (Lebanon)
Perversion (U.A.E)
Morbid Devourment (Indonesia)

I don’t know all these bands — yet — but the first three pretty much made me start drooling uncontrollably. I would totally be willing to share driving duties and buy a tank or two of gas. I’d bring some good tunes, too. Maybe even treat everyone to a burger when we get there. Or whatever people in Darjeeling eat that doesn’t cost much money.  (more after the jump, including more hot-shit Incantation news . . .) Continue reading »

Nov 062010

For the last week we’ve gone off the NCS rails, focusing on long songs with either no singing at all or nothing but clean singing, plus offerings of “bedroom djent” and post-rock/post-metal (whatever the hell that means). And we’re not through. We have at least one more band that’s out-of-the-NCS box to write about before we disappear on that non-blogging vacation we wrote about earlier this week.

(Speaking of which, don’t forget our open invitation to send us your own blog posts so we won’t have to let NCS go dark during the hiatus.  We’ve received three so far, plus promises that more will be coming — but don’t wait too much longer if you want to do this. Details are here.)

But, as much fun as we’ve had exploring metal that’s not our usual fare, we do miss the kind of metallic extremity that shoves egg-beaters through the skullbone and proceeds to whip the gray matter into a fluffy merengue. So, we decided to take a little break from our adventures outside of NCS land and come back home for a helping of mind-fuckery.

The devilish cooks we found are a band from Glasgow, Scotland called Cerebral Bore (apparently named after a weapon in a video game) and their recently released debut album, Maniacal Miscreation. Oh yes, this is just the kind of cerebral drill-job we were looking for. Our brains are now satisfying disassembled and chopped up into the consistency of dog food. Awesome.  (more after the jump, including a song and a video . . .) Continue reading »