Jul 202023

In their own words, Challenger Deep is “an experimental Belarusian band that plays an emotional, atmospheric mix of post-metal, black metal and hardcore,” whose live performances bring “a cold shower of emotions and nerves stretched to the limit, supplemented by atmospheric light show and video background.”

To date, the band have released two albums (Our Own Prisons in 2011, and Irreversible in 2014), a pair of splits (with their countrymen Barrow in 2013, and with Poland’s Hegemone in 2015), as well as a 2016 single named “Indifference“. And though there’s been a long seven years of silence since that last release, the band have brought themselves back together and are working toward the release of a new album — III. The Path — by the end of 2023.

To help pave the way, today we’re premiering a new single from the album named “Confidence“, and based on the power of what it delivers, expectations for the new full-length should be be very high. Continue reading »