Jul 072020


Chaos Motion drew an extravagant amount of attention to themselves last fall when they released their debut album Psychological Spasms Cacophony through Transcending Obscurity Records. Listening to the music was something akin to hearing a flock of starlings suddenly begin speaking in human languages, or witnessing a pack of wolves break out into improvisational dance, or perhaps seeing a falling star detour into tracing hieroglyphic letters across a night sky during its blazing descent through the atmosphere. A weird and wondrous experience it was — the words “mind fuck!” readily come to mind.

But despite all the attention, perhaps you missed the album? Well, that’s one reason bands create music videos months after a record’s release, to vacuum up a few more music fans who might not have been sucked into the music during the weeks surrounding its release or at year-end-list time. And a Chaos Motion music video is exactly what we have for you today — a video that’s especially riveting because it allows us to see with our own how the band’s two guitarists make such a cornucopia of bewildering yet strangely enthralling sounds. Continue reading »

Sep 302019


Looks can be deceiving. At least as captured in this photo, the three members of Chaos Motion appear calm and serious, albeit a bit menacingly serious, as if planning something potentially dangerous to your health. On the other hand, their music is absolutely mad — fiendishly inventive, thrillingly adventurous, relentlessly unpredictable, and fully capable of flipping your brain upside-down and inside-out.

Not for naught is the band named Chaos Motion, nor is it happenstance that their debut album is entitled Psychological Spasms Cacophony. Likewise, “Psychotic Spasm“, the title of the song we’re premiering today, are not empty words. Their label’s references to the likes of Gorguts, Portal, Origin, Wormed, and early Cephalic Carnage are not misdirections.

But maybe you’ve already figured all this out, since our premiere is the sixth in line leading up to the album’s October 18 release date. But if you haven’t already taken a ride on the Chaos Motion pan-dimensional roller-coaster, or even if you have, you’re in for an electrifying experience. Continue reading »