Oct 252022

(Andy Synn enters the House of Falling Ash, the new album from Californian trio Chrome Ghost)

You know how insurance companies calculate that once you’ve been in an accident your chances of being in another accident drastically increase?

Well, the same kind of thinking applies here at NCS too… once we’ve written about a band we’re much more likely to write about them again in the future.

Of course, it doesn’t always work out this way – we don’t always have time to cover everything we want to – but there’s a good chance that, if we liked what you did once, we’re going to be keeping our eyes (and ears) on you for whatever you do next.

Case in point, while I was a few months late to the party with Chrome Ghost‘s second album, The Diving Bell (which you can read more about here), it quickly became a firm favourite of mine due to its unique integration of doomy majesty, ephemeral atmosphere, and rugged, grungy grooves.

So when I saw that the promo for their new album (out this Friday) was up for grabs I knew I had to hear it.

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Jan 212020


(Andy Synn pauses in his consideration of forthcoming records to look back at an album released last November by Chrome Ghost from Sacramento, California.)

To quote a very famous tv show… “time’s arrow neither stays still or reverses, it merely marches forward.”

This particular truism has felt particularly relevant to me in recent years, as it really does feel as though if I don’t stay on top of all the various new releases, week by week, that I’m going to end up missing out and falling behind in a way that I’ll never be able to recover from.

In fact, this is exactly what happens every year. There comes a point when my “to do” list reaches critical mass and has to be jettisoned so that I can start afresh. It’s unfortunate and it means some artists/albums inevitably lose out, but that’s just the way it is.

There are occasional moments, however, where it seems like time’s arrow does at least slow down a bit, allowing me to take stock and, if I’m very lucky, to look back and catch up with things that went over my head (or under my radar).

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