Aug 162019


Two years ago we had the sadistic pleasure of premiering a heavy dose of foul, festering death metal off the last EP (Caro Data Vermibus) by the Spanish band Come Back From the Dead. Now we have the opportunity to present another premiere by the same group. This one comes from their new album The Rise of the Blind Ones, which like the previous EP will be released by Transcending Obscurity Records.

This new song — “Jugular I – Heretic Impaler” — is the stuff of horror. It makes it very easy to imagine macabre abominations lurching through the dark, shrouded by the putrescent stench of rotting flesh. Continue reading »

Nov 162017


You’re about to hear a heavy dose of foul, festering death metal. The vocalist sounds like he’d like nothing better than to have your throat in his teeth. The riffs themselves resemble the cruel ripping and gnashing of demon teeth. The flickering leads are pure fiery derangement. The rhythm section seems hell-bent on beating your skull into a pulpy mush.

The thing is, strange as it might seem from what I just wrote, the song is also a romping, rollicking, battering joy ride. The tempos and drum rhythms change frequently — the music scampers, seethes, rampages, jackhammers, and staggers. And it’s boiling with vitality.

The song is an OSDM gem named “Vomits of A Demonic Infestation“, and it comes from a new EP named Caro Data Vermibus by the Spanish band Come Back From the Dead, which will be released digitally and on CD by Transcending Obscurity Records on November 30. Continue reading »