Feb 012012

The thoroughly awesome Napalm Death will be releasing their 14th (!) studio album, Utilitarian, on February 27th in Europe and February 28th in North America. I’m really looking forward to it. Yesterday, thanks to a tip from TheMadIsraeli, I realized I had missed the album teaser that the band released last week.

The video was created by the band’s guitarist and backing vocalist Mitch Harris. It’s a politically charged animation interspersed with news clips of protests, and it’s a head-trip and a half to watch. A comment I saw on YouTube pretty much sums up the message: “Fuck the System, Fuck Governments, Fuck Aliens!”

And the music goes really fuckin hard, too. The riffs crush without remorse, and Barney Greenway sounds raw and pissed off. I’m also liking the use of clean vocals (I know, that’s heresy, but I’m just being honest). This is grindcore done right.

Watch that after the jump if you haven’t see it yet . . . and then we’ll move on to the new video from Comeback Kid. Continue reading »