Dec 292022

Once again, as you can see, Mark Erskine has made a stunning piece of cover art for the San Diego-based death metal band Conjureth. It’s only flaw is that it’s not violently shivering and splintering as you gaze upon it. Only in that way could it begin to manifest the sheer breathtaking madness of the music within.

As you can also see, the name of Conjureth‘s new album is The Parasitic Chambers, and it’s set for release on January 23rd by Memento Mori. Anyone who heard the band’s first album, 2021’s Majestic Dissolve, should be slobbering in eager anticipation of it, and trust us when we say to those rabid fans: You will not be disappointed.

If anything, this talented group, whose resumes include the likes of Encoffination, VoidCeremony, and Ghoulgotha, have created a record that’s even more head-spinning than what they’ve done before. Conjureth still pay homage to emergent forms of ferocious, thrash-propelled death metal from the late ’80s, but the new album is so fiendishly intricate and so technically jaw-dropping that it just makes a listener shake their head in wonder.

Consider, for example, the song we’re premiering today — “Cremated Dominion“. Continue reading »

Oct 112021


At last, the diabolical death metal band Conjureth from San Diego, California will be releasing their debut album on October 25th, via a label conspiracy with Memento Mori and Rotted Life.

In fashioning this beastly offering, emblazoned with the name Majestic Dissolve, Conjureth (whose line-up includes current or former members of such stand-out groups as Encoffination, VoidCeremony, and Ghoulgotha) creatively rooted themselves in the filth and fury of DM classics from the late ’80s, ranging from Florida to Finland, and the results on display in Majestic Dissolve are electrifying…

…and “electrifying” is definitely the word for the well-named song we’re premiering today: “An Occult Mosaic“. Continue reading »