Aug 172022

(We’ve already written enthusiastically about the first music disclosed from a forthcoming second album by the Spanish death/thrash band Cruz, and so it was a very welcome gift to receive Comrade Aleks‘ following interview of the band, via its drummer Xavi.)

Cruz was formed in Barcelona in about 2013. It took some time before these guys made a decision to perform thrashy death metal glorifying the holocaust of ecstasy and freedom in the name of Cosmic Chaos and Lovecraftian Horrors. And even though their first album Culto Abismal (2016) was recorded relatively fast, it took six years to finish the sophomore work Confines de la Cordura, which will see the light in September 2022 according to Nuclear Winter Records’ schedule.

And while we wait until the stars align let’s take a glimpse into the world of Cruz together with the band’s drummer Xavi. Continue reading »

Jul 302022


A couple of updates for you weekend visitors: First, I’ve had to rush today’s roundup, thanks to a late start on the day and way too many new songs and videos to go through in order to make these choices. Due to the rushing, I had to leave lots of good stuff on “the cutting room floor”, despite how many choices I made.

Except in the context of deadly sins and circles of Hell (the violent and bestial one), 7 is a lucky number, so I initially decided to stop there. But I couldn’t help myself, and so pushed it to 10 instead, presented alphabetically by band name.

Second, I’m going to a big party in Seattle tonight. It was originally scheduled to happen in January, but last winter’s covid surge fucked those plans. It will be very late before I get back to the NCS island headquarters, and there’s at least a 50/50 chance I’ll wake up on Sunday with a hangover, and a 100% chance that most of the morning will be gone by the time I open my red eyes. Which means we may not have a Shades of Black column tomorrow. Continue reading »

Sep 202016

Cruz - Culto Abismal


For a long stretch of years, Spain has been a breeding ground for excellent metal bands across a wide range of extreme metal genres, and now one more must be added to that long list — a band from Barcelona named Cruz. Their first full-length bears the title Culto Abismal and it will be released on October 7 through the collaboration of four labels, including a tape and vinyl release in North America by Oakland’s Sentient Ruin. Today we join that conspiracy to bring you a first listen to the album’s powerhouse title track.

You could probably guess that Cruz are on the right track just by looking at the nightmarish cover art beautifully executed by César Valladares, and that would be a correct guess. “Culto Abismal” is equally well conceived and equally well-executed to deliver a hellish and highly electrifying rampage of old school death metal with a strong crust punk flavor. Continue reading »