Sep 032018


On October 15th Casus Belli Musica and Beverina will join forces to bring forth an album-length split by two distinctive Spanish pagan metal bands, CrystalMoors and Hordak, both of whom pay homage through their music to the ancient lifeblood of their Iberian homeland, and today it’s our pleasure to present one of the CrystalMoors tracks that will appear on the album — “Hijos del Sol“.

The CrytalMoors side of the split, which consists of four tracks, is named Árguma, a Cantabrian word for a plant called gorse which we’re told is an invasive species that originated in Cantabria but now grows throughout Europe. With 4-cm thorns and deep, strong roots, “Árguma (also known as Tojo) symbolizes the Cantabrian nation of the pre-Roman epoch, bristling in the same way for self-defense and deeply rooted in its native land.” Continue reading »

Sep 052016

CrystalMoors-The Mountain Will Forgive Us


It was on the Ides of March this year when I discovered a video for a song called “Over the Same Lands” by the band CrystalMoors from the lush Cantabrian region of Spain, nestled between between the Bay of Biscay and the Cantabrian Mountains. I was carried away by the music. The beating heart of this high-energy song is a gripping riff that seizes attention right from the start, and there’s a lot more to like about the track — from the galloping, warlike charge that comes later, to the pagan/folk chorus melody, to the mix of deep roars, high shrieks, and clean vocals. The physical setting of the video is also quite beautiful.

That song is part of a double-album CrystalMoors release coming our way from Casus Belli Musica on the 9th of September. The first of the two CDs is separately titled The Sap That Feeds Us, and the second one, La Montaña, consists of unplugged versions of both old and new songs played with folk instruments. Today we’re very happy to bring you the premiere of another song from this new release, the track that opens The Sap That Feeds Us: “Memories“. Continue reading »

Mar 262016

Sorcery-Garden of Bones


I blogged like a blogging fool last week, shirking my fucking day job to an embarrassing extent. Now I have to pay for all the shirking by working this weekend. Or at least that’s the plan; I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on that if I were you. But before I attempt to make good on that noxious plan, here’s a collection of news and new music that’s not noxious, except in a good way.


I discovered yesterday that Xtreem Music will be releasing a new Sorcery album named Garden of Bones on May 15. I’m as excited as a springbok being chased by a cheetah. Continue reading »