Sep 032018


On October 15th Casus Belli Musica and Beverina will join forces to bring forth an album-length split by two distinctive Spanish pagan metal bands, CrystalMoors and Hordak, both of whom pay homage through their music to the ancient lifeblood of their Iberian homeland, and today it’s our pleasure to present one of the CrystalMoors tracks that will appear on the album — “Hijos del Sol“.

The CrytalMoors side of the split, which consists of four tracks, is named Árguma, a Cantabrian word for a plant called gorse which we’re told is an invasive species that originated in Cantabria but now grows throughout Europe. With 4-cm thorns and deep, strong roots, “Árguma (also known as Tojo) symbolizes the Cantabrian nation of the pre-Roman epoch, bristling in the same way for self-defense and deeply rooted in its native land.” Continue reading »

Dec 172015



January 10, 2016, is the date set by Russia’s Casus Belli Musica for the release of Padre, the new album by the Spanish metal band Hordak, and today we have for you the premiere of the album’s title track.

This is Hordak’s fourth album in a career that began in 2002. For those unfamiliar with the band, they have described their music as “Celtiberian Pagan Metal“, a word that refers to the peoples formed by the merger of emigrated Celts and the native Iberians of what is now Spain — the Spanish equivalent of Scandinavian Viking music and Slavonic pagan metal from Eastern Europe.

The new album is a musically diverse work, with some songs that are warlike in their savagery and fiery pacing and others that are stately and majestic. Some of the songs include textures added by acoustic guitar, flute, violin, and even xylophone, while others simply ride you down in ripping onslaughts of metallic fury. And the album also includes guest vocal appearances by Forefather’s Wulfstan and Uruksoth from CrystalMoors. Continue reading »