Nov 132011

Yesterday I got an intriguing e-mail from an NCS reader named Vasco recommending two Portuguese metal bands. I had already decided to schedule a guest post for today from VyceVictus about Korean metal, and it seemed fitting to accompany that one with another nation-based focus.

I would guess that more Portuguese metal bands are better known globally than their Korean brethren, but at least in the U.S., they’re still relatively under-the-radar. As best I can recall, we’ve only featured one Portuguese band since starting NCS — Utopium — and I can only name two others off the top of my head: Moonspell and Heavenwood. So today we’re doing a small bit to patch one of the many holes in our global coverage by providing music and information about the two bands from Portugal recommended by Vasco — Daemogorgon and Bless the Oggs.


Daemogorgon is a black metal band who came into existence in 2005. They produced a demo CD called Mortiis Tivmphvs and last year saw the release of an EP titled CHAOS.THROUGH.PHOBIA. The band are currently at work on their debut album. Vasco sent me a link to a song from the EP called “Temple Dementia”, and I gave that one a listen. Continue reading »