Nov 132011

Yesterday I got an intriguing e-mail from an NCS reader named Vasco recommending two Portuguese metal bands. I had already decided to schedule a guest post for today from VyceVictus about Korean metal, and it seemed fitting to accompany that one with another nation-based focus.

I would guess that more Portuguese metal bands are better known globally than their Korean brethren, but at least in the U.S., they’re still relatively under-the-radar. As best I can recall, we’ve only featured one Portuguese band since starting NCS — Utopium — and I can only name two others off the top of my head: Moonspell and Heavenwood. So today we’re doing a small bit to patch one of the many holes in our global coverage by providing music and information about the two bands from Portugal recommended by Vasco — Daemogorgon and Bless the Oggs.


Daemogorgon is a black metal band who came into existence in 2005. They produced a demo CD called Mortiis Tivmphvs and last year saw the release of an EP titled CHAOS.THROUGH.PHOBIA. The band are currently at work on their debut album. Vasco sent me a link to a song from the EP called “Temple Dementia”, and I gave that one a listen.

The introductory measures have a near-industrial sound, with pulsing guitars and rolling double bass. The main body of the song is a distorted rampage of fleet-fingered riffing and death-metal style vocalization. The production leaves a rough-around-the-edges burr on the sound, which adds to the song’s appeal.

You can check out Daemogorgon on MySpace (here) or Facebook (here).


Bless the Oggs is a relatively new band who came together in 2007 and released an EP in 2008 called The Colour of Blood and Money. Following some line-up changes, they now appear to be finishing work on a debut album titled It All Starts With A Seed. Vasco sent me a link to a YouTube clip for a song from the EP called “From the Heart”, and then I also found a single from the forthcoming album — “Reprint Yourself Tonight”.

Vasco likened Bless the Oggs music to The Deftones. “From the Heart” also reminds me a bit of Chicago’s Chevelle. It combines a soaring melody with a concrete-heavy low end; clean vocals, but I’m not complaining. “Reprint Yourself Tonight” is quite different. The clean vocals share time with hardcore screaming, and the band kick the pacing of the song up several notches. It’s decent metalcore with a nice melodic refrain, but I’ve heard many bands doing the same sort of thing. As between the two songs, ironically, I think I prefer the first one.

For more info, you can find Bless the Oggs on Facebook here or MySpace here. And no, I don’t know what oggs are, or why anyone would want to bless them.

  6 Responses to “PORTUGUESE METAL”

  1. wow portuguese metal here in ncs, quite a good surprise!
    DAEMOGORGON is fucking badass
    here is moonspell for those who dont know the band
    and the other portuguese band i would recomend is Corpus Cristii

  2. There’s also Omitir’s intriguing mix of black metal and jazz

    (also featured in the 10 Metal Labels on Bandcamp post).

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