Oct 202017


As you can see, I decided to give the “SEEN AND HEARD” title a rest for today. After I picked these new songs and videos for an end-of-week round-up, it became clear they all had something in common. Even though the music is all very different, it all sounds… evil.


This Austrian melodic black metal band’s self-titled debut album (briefly reviewed here) proved their ability to create powerful, dramatic music that displayed considerable diversity. Now they’re returning with a new album named The Burning Silence (the cover art is above), which will be released by Talheim Records on December 16th. From that album, they’ve recently released “Hubris Virtue” as a digital single and a lyric video. Continue reading »

Mar 012017


Over the last 10 years I’ve used an alarm clark maybe a dozen times, tops, usually when I stupidly got wasted the night before and absolutely couldn’t risk oversleeping the next day. Usually I just rely on my restless mind to wake me: Before I go to sleep I tell myself when I need to wake up, and it happens, though usually even earlier than needed.

I do tend to get a little extra rest right up until my internal alarm goes off when I know I’ve finished the first NCS post the night before. Last night I hadn’t made much of a start on anything, and I wanted that extra sleep, so I wrote this instead of what I had been planning to do — and I did it as an experiment.

I normally wouldn’t dash off an album review as quickly as I have here, after only one listen to the album, but I did that. And I picked the album on a fairly random basis, knowing nothing about the band and having heard only a few songs over the weekend. However, the songs left me amazed, and I knew I would come back to this. So here we are — with what has turned out to be one of the biggest and best surprises of the year so far. Continue reading »