Jun 042015


(Our Russian contributor Comrade Aleks bring us this interview of his countryman Andrey Lemark, vocalist of Delirium Silence.)

It’s not a geography lesson, but take a look at a map of Russia and find Yakutsk city. It’s located just 280 miles south of the Arctic Circle. You may ask me what did I forget there? Delirium Silence. A newborn aggressive death doom band that released a self-titled EP in December 2014.

This record consists of six songs, including a cover of the Septic Flesh song “Anubis”, and it’s really worth a listen. So I asked a few questions of Andrey Lemark, the band’s vocalist.


Hello Andrey! The first EP of Delirium Silence was pretty well-made, well-recorded, straightforward, and heavy. How long did you work over this release?

Greetings! To my mind the cover art is pretty awesome, thanks to Alex from Mayhem Project design.

You said it was heavy? I wouldn’t say so. The thing is that when we were recording the EP we weren’t sure what we wanted and in which genre we wanted to make it, but I like it loud and hard. Speaking of preparations, we weren’t actually preparing anything, it just happened. But each of us was waiting for this time to come. Continue reading »