Jan 082021


(In considering interviews, the truism applies that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, or perhaps the other mantra applies, that it takes two to tango. In this new interview, Comrade Aleks struck a very good chord in his discussion with Adam Alexander of the fascinating Portland band Die Like Gentlemen. The horses drink deeply, tangoing occurs, it’s a very good read.)

Die Like Gentlemen is a striking name and it fits the music of this eclectic band from Portland, which combines influences drawn from sludge and progressive metal in one quite intellectual impulse. Adam Alexander (vocals, guitars, piano), Shawn Boles (drums, percussion), Matt Wieber (lead vocals, EBow) and Sean Rodgers (bass, guitars) have worked together since 2012. They started with the promising debut Romantic Delusions of Hell in 2013, and their fourth album Storiesreleased a year ago in the calm of January 2020, turned out to be an acoustic one.

What may we now expect from these four gentlemen of Portland? Has quarantine silenced their sonic indignation? Let’s ask Adam. Continue reading »