Aug 282017


(DGR wrote this review of the new album by Southern California’s Empyrean Throne.)

There exists an alternate reality where the fusion of black metal and death metal, instead of favoring the atmospheres of the icefrost and bleak of the black metal side, took on the more mechanical and firebreathing aspects of the death metal spectrum. Where most blackened death metal tends to favor the ritual and romanticized pomp-and-circumstance theatricality loaned to it by its colder atmosphere-favoring brethren, in this alternate reality it instead leaned toward the heavier groove.

It’s not often that you see the phrase “sun-baked” attached to a disc, yet here we stand with Southern California act Empyrean Throne and their brand of symphonic bombast layered over a large feast of mechanized death metal, with the black metal aspect providing its ritual airs and snarling nihilism to the overall affair.

The group’s recently released album Chaosborne sounds like it was written from within a furnace, every song pushed to the maximum in terms of volume, and the instrumentation following suit, making grandiose sweeping movements from one carved-out blast to the next one. It envisions a world in which the entire planet is basically the high-desert, segments of sand so dry that it looks like it was created in a kiln and shaped into tiles, and those somehow still managing to crack under the heat of the sun. Continue reading »

Dec 122016



On January 24, 2017, Empyrean Throne from Orange County, California, will release their debut album Chaosborne, which was produced and engineered by Mick Kenney. Today we bring you the premiere of an official video for an album track named “Haereticus Stellarum Part II“.

Conceptually, the album “tells the story of a hapless Templar knight in medieval Europe and his subsequent decent into the realm of Chaos”. In its sound, it powerfully combines a variety of ingredients, including orchestral and cello music — and they are on full display in the song and video we’re presenting today. Continue reading »