Sep 212021


Even by my own standards I went a little crazy from Friday through Sunday. By my count, the posts I made on those days about new music and videos (including the Shades of Black column on Sunday) included recordings by 29 bands — more than any reasonable human (other than myself, because I’m unreasonable) could possibly have paid close attention to. Even having done that, I already have a huge list of other discoveries that I could begin launching today — but decided instead to scale things back to a somewhat more manageable size.

And so, this is a smaller handful of recommendations. Of course, it’s still eleven bands and divided into two Parts — I’m not going to change my spots that quickly! — but it could have been bigger. For example, though I’m beginning with what I consider “a big name”, in the hope that it will lure people into testing other music they might otherwise overlook, I did omit a few other big names — but you can find new songs and videos from Carcass, Pig Destroyer (covering a Perturbator song), Insomnium, and Full of Hell by clicking those links I just left you.

Part 2 will come tomorrow.


This band of Swedish stalwarts, whose line-up includes well-known members of At the Gates, have a second album on the horizon, led by the first song and video I’ve chosen today. On the one hand, it’s a hard-charging assault of pummeling, chainsawing Swe-death mayhem. On the other hand, when the band shift gears a bit, it sounds spooky, and then blares like sirens. If you need a quick fix of adrenaline, this is your prescription. Continue reading »

May 062012

It’s a Sunday morning here in the Pacific Northwest. The air is crisp and slightly chilled, the sun is shining, and a high cloud layer has turned the sky a pale blue-gray. It’s a beautiful time to be outside. So I thought, what better way to celebrate than to stay inside and beat the shit out of my head with some brutal heavy music? Well, it made sense to me.


I recently discovered this Bulgarian death metal band via their new official video for a song called “Fruits of Pain and Blue Sky”.  You see?  There’s a blue sky connection. This song appears on the band’s third album and their first for the United Gutteral label, People From the Lands of Vit, which is out now.

Listening to the song was liked being dropped into a boiling stew of Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Suffocation, and Deicide: brutal, technically oriented riffing; riveting drumwork with timely-placed blasting; a slew of piercing guitar solo’s; and gruesome vocals. It triggers a nice adrenaline rush and it’s catchy as well as merciless.

The video is nothing but the band performing the song, but it’s well made, and the Enthrallment dudes look like they’re not fucking around. Get beaten and bruised right after the jump. Continue reading »