Jul 122016

Entity-Phobia of the Formless


Following a five-track demo and a two-song single in 2014, the Winnipeg-based death metal band Entity are working toward the completion of their debut album Phobia Of The Formless, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you the premiere of a single from the album named “200,000 Years“.

What you’ll hear in this new song is technically adept and convincingly sinister death metal that follows an arc, building steadily toward a climax of ferocious intensity, urged on by a tandem of ravenous growls, howls, and shrieks, and then progressively slowing into a gruesome, head-hammering stomp. Continue reading »

Apr 022012

(Veteran metal blogger and NCS web site designer groverXIII brings you some free treats to begin the month of April.)

Ahroy! It’s your old pal, groverXIII, back with some more free musical goodness for you all! Let’s jump right on in here with free releases from four up-and-coming unsigned bands.

EntityThe Meaning Of Infinity

We’ll start things off with a progressive metal band from sunny Orlando called Entity. These guys are a four-piece, and they have a rather varied sound, technical and melodic with some interesting song structures. They’re not afraid to blast the listener (see the second track, ‘Triadic Complex’, for a prime example), but they also make good use of clean vocals and soaring guitar solos.

My only gripe with the music is that the drums sound overly processed and fake; I was actually assuming that they used a drum machine until I checked their Facebook page, which lists a drummer. To be honest, though, it’s a pretty minor complaint, given how good the music is. You can acquire this fine EP on the band’s Bandcamp page. Continue reading »