Mar 282019


Judging by the song we’re about to premiere from the new album Baptized In Pain by New Jersey’s Eye of the Destroyer, the band picked an accurate name for the record. Listening to “Face Down” feels like being beaten with crowbars.

In addition to being a cold-eyed, heavyweight bruiser, this hybrid of death metal and hardcore is a humongous headbanger. That effect kicks in pretty quickly, but not before the band opens the heavens with a thunderstorm of pummeling drums, rumbling bass, and dismal, ringing chords. Then comes the gargantuan, mercilessly hammering, teeth-loosening riff that will get your head going (and your skull cracking), at the same time as Joe Randazza‘s raw, scalding howls do their damnedest to burn the flesh off your face. Continue reading »

May 082018


New Jersey’s Eye of Destroyer describe themselves as “horror movie obsessed party slam-aholics”, the kind of people willing “to get wasted with anyone, anytime, anywhere”. Without questioning the accuracy of that reputation, they also seem to have a taste for inflicting enough blunt-force trauma to keep an army of orthopedic surgeons fully stocked with patients.

They’re a busy group of barbarians, too. In addition to rampant gigging, they’ve churned out five releases since 2014, including an album and four EPs, the most recent of which was 2017’s Starved and Hanging. And now they have another EP headed our way, this one named Violent By Design. It’s our sadistic pleasure to bring you a stream of the title track today; be sure to have an orthopedist on speed-dial before you listen. Continue reading »