Jul 042022

The signs are all there: The grotesquely macabre cover art. The oozing band logo. Song titles like “Wrapped In Entrails”, “”Intricate Dissection”, “In Filth and Pain”, and “Haunted Visions of Sick Depravities” (the song you’re about to here), and of course the band’s name itself — Fleshrot. One might add the photo of these faceless hulking Texans, which looks like someone found a lost tribe of Neanderthals and passed out band shirts, just before being clubbed to death.

These are all signs of devotion, a devotion to death metal of a particularly noxious and sadistically eviscerating variety, a fanatical reveling in excesses of violence, degradation, and horror. The signs are borne out by the music itself, captured in seven body-mauling, mind-mangling tracks which together make up Fleshrot‘s debut album Unburied Corpse, which will be co-released at the onset of August by Me Saco Un Ojo and Desert Wastelands Productions. Continue reading »

Jun 042022


This has been a discombobulating week for me, which began with a long trip back to Seattle on Monday from a crazy time at Maryland Deathfast and stumbling into my house at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Apart from being worn out, I had the thrill over the next few days of learning that about half the people I traveled and hung out with at MDF, all of whom were vaxxed-up, were testing positive for covid. (If you were at MDF you need to get tested even if you feel fine, because MDF is showing strong signs of being a super-spreader event.)

I also had a ton of shit to catch up with at my day job, and things to do in the planning for Northwest Terror Fest, which is fast approaching. On top of that, my spouse and I had a house guest for one of those days. And on top of that, I paid almost no attention to new releases while I was in Baltimore.

Long story short, I’m way behind on what’s been happening with new songs and videos. That makes today’s selections even more random than usual.

MASSACRE (U.S./Sweden)

I decided to begin with a heaping helping of rotten red meat for lovers of old school death metal, beginning with a track off a forthcoming EP by the venerable Massacre. Continue reading »