Apr 182013

Yesterday turned out to be a banner day for new music videos, and I’ve collected the ones I didn’t have time to write bout yesterday, dividing them into two posts. This one is Part 2, and it’s devoted to the new vidz from Abnormality (U.S.-Mass.) and Forceps (Brazil).


DGR reviewed this Boston band’s 2012 debut album Contaminating the Hive Mind last July, calling it “solid brutal death with very little in the way of compromise or ridiculousness . . . a meat-and-potatoes death disc with a lot to offer genre fanatics and [that’s] also accessible enough to lure new people into the madness”.

Yesterday Metal Injection premiered Abnormality’s music video for the track “Fabrication of the Enemy.” The video is sure to be controversial — especially the narrated preamble and its claim that for most of the world, it is the U.S. who are the terrorists. The fact that the video appeared only two days after “Marathon Monday” will no doubt inflame the controversy. Continue reading »

Feb 092012

This is the first of three short posts today about single songs from divergent corners of the metal sphere — divergent not only geographically, but also musically.

Forceps is a Brazilian band who plan to release a debut EP called Humanicide later this year. I don’t know how many songs it will include, when it will be released, or what factors will determine the timing. What I know is that the band have released a song from the album for streaming. It’s on YouTube and Bandcamp. The name of the song is “Transmutation of Internal Organs”.

I came across them via a Facebook friend’s recommendation. When I began listening, my loosely organized brain immediately began loosely organizing the music according to genre. I thought, “brutal slam metal, with groove.” Gunner drumming, hammering/blistering riffs, abyssal growls. And then some spacey atmospherics intruded, and the vocals elevated into an abraded shriek. And then at 2:40 a too-short phalanx of headbangery came running out of hiding. And then came a brief burst of melody.

By song’s end, I decided my original genre classification was wrong, or at least too simple. Brutal, yes. Slamming, yes. But the tech-intensive riffing and all that groove and the vocal variety and the catchy melodic hooks — they mean something else. Whatever the label, this is nice. Check it out following the jump; we’ll update you when the EP drops. Continue reading »