Apr 302019


The origins of the Greek black metal band Funeral Storm date back to 2001, when it began under the name Raven Throne as the solo project of Wampyrion Markhor Necrowolf. After a long period of inactivity the band re-surfaced with its first release in 2012 under the name Funeral Storm. Further line-up changes occurred, and the band then participated in a 2017 split release (Funeral Rite) with the Greek band Celestial Rite — which is when I first encountered Funeral Storm‘s music, and became an immediate fan.

For the two tracks on that split, the band’s founder was joined by vocalist Necroabyssious (of Varathron, Katavasia, and Zaratus) and by Nick Christogiannis of Deviser on keyboards. Eskarth of Agatus also performed acoustic guitars and a solo on the song “Martyr Of The Lake”. I thought both songs were tremendously good. They embraced the mysticism and might of classic Greek black metal from the early ’90s, and included immediately compelling riffs in addition to powerful drumming and voracious vocals.

And now here we are, at last, with a full-length display of Funeral Storm‘s formidable talents. Arcane Mysteries is a fantastic album, a monument of sinister and mythic heavy metal majesty whose appeal should extend far beyond devotees of black metal. I am very excited that NCS is hosting the premiere of a song from the record in advance of its May 31 release by Hells Headbangers, particularly because it’s a song that shares the name of the band. Continue reading »

Aug 212015

Black Breath-Slaves Beyond Death


I’m still trying to catch up on recommending new music I discovered earlier this week. I unloaded a bunch yesterday, I have more today, and I’m hoping to pull together some more this weekend (although I’m leaving town today for a short vacation, and that may interfere with my blog compulsions).


As I reported when I first found out, Seattle’s Black Breath have a new record coming from Southern Lord on September 25. It’s their third, with the title Slaves Beyond Death. Kurt Ballou recorded the album, Brad Boatright mastered it, and Paolo Girardi painted the cover art — and that’s some good help to have.

I thought it would be tough for Black Breath to top their great last album, Sentenced To Life, but based on the title track that premiered at Noisey yesterday I think they just might. Continue reading »