Aug 122015

Funeral Throne-Threshold


Last year, the British black metal band Funeral Throne released their second album, Threshold, through Exitium Productions in a very limited cassette edition. Now, Germany’s Blut & Eisen Productions will give the album a wider distribution on CD (and eventually vinyl), with an international release date of September 15, 2015. Today we bring you the premiere of Threshold’s fourth track, “Hypnotic Coils”.

Funeral Throne devoted five years of effort to the creation of Threshold and have explained that the songs commemorate specific times and experiences along a path of spiritual and musical growth. They also sought to avoid technical tricks of the trade such as drum triggering and re-amping of guitars in an effort to produce an authentic sound that would complement their effort to capture the “rebellion and truth” at the heart of “all true heavy metal”. Continue reading »

Dec 102013

(Our UK-based writer Andy Synn was present when Watain, Funeral Throne, and Coltsblood played Birmingham, England last weekend, and he delivers this report.)

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday evening than experiencing the metallic musical rituals of Satan’s own special cheer-squad, Watain? Maybe a few, but not many that don’t involve taking off your clothes…

As it stands, myself and my good friend Gary (both fully clothed) jaunted our way over to Birmingham early Saturday evening. Arriving a little earlier than we needed to (despite doors opening at 6:00), we dropped into a pub on the corner, and eventually found ourselves seated at a table right next to the headliners and their entourage.

Obviously we didn’t want to bother them – particularly since the group formed a tight knit and inviolable circle that exuded a certain “keep away from us” vibe – so we just decided to enjoy our beers and catch up. It was, however, interesting to see how far the band have co-opted the biker/gang mentality and look, everyone dutifully wearing their patches and “colours”. It works for them though. Watain (and their associates) have always been a “gang” – now it’s just more visually obvious. Continue reading »