Mar 082021


The seeds of the Puerto Rican black metal band Godless were planted by its founder Gröfaz (a.k.a. Asaradel) a long time ago, in the winter of 1989. Since then, its history has been infamous. It’s reported that live Godless performances created controversy due to severely brutal and sick displays of self mutilation, blasphemy, and carcasses on stage, which led to a prohibition on them playing live. Line-up changes ensued, as they alway do, and eventually Gröfaz decided to make Godless a one-man band, but the music has remained ominous, sinful, misanthropic, perverted, and of course godless.

Over the course of the decade since its founding, Godless has released (in addition to early demos) a pair of EPs and three albums, and now an hour-long fourth one is on the way. Its name is Lustcifer, and it’s set for co-release by Satanath Records and The End Of Time Records on March 28th. From that album we are today presenting a track that’s stripped-down, primitive, carnal, and evil at its core. That track is “Vaginal Empathy for the Monarch of Lust“. Continue reading »

Apr 262016

Godless - Centuries of Decadence (Death Metal) - cover


Godless are a new death metal band who have emerged from Hyderabad, India, with their debut EP Centuries of Decadence. The EP was mixed and mastered by Joe Haley of Psycroptic (he also provides a guest solo on the second track) and it will be released on May 7 by by Transcending Obscurity Distribution. Today we give you a taste of the album through our premiere of a song named “Oneiros“.

Fans of Neil Gaiman’s landmark comic series Sandman will be pleased to learn that the song was inspired by his work: “Oneiros” speaks of the shaper of nightmares. Continue reading »