May 092023

Once upon a time, before sound came to movies, pianists and organists (or phonograph recordings) would perform soundtracks for audiences in darkened venues, calculated to capture the changing moods of the silent footage or (as written here) simply to distract the viewers from the early unnaturalness of the larger-than-life two-dimensional medium and “absorb the shock” of it.

Those days are long gone of course, though (to quote the same source) “music eventually became so indispensable a part of the film experience that not even the advent of mechanically produced sound could silence it.” Witness the fact that almost no movies over the last century have been presented without a synchronized recorded soundtrack.

What you’re about to witness in this premiere is something like a throwback to the time of silent movies, even if it is a step forward into a dystopian future — though silent-movie audiences would have been horrified to see and hear this short film. The imagery is reality turned inside-out, and the music provides no real comfort, no “shock absorbers” despite its viscerally compulsive movements, but instead an ultimate reinforcement of fear. Continue reading »

Nov 292016



If you aren’t already dreading the holidays ahead, we can help fill them with dread, disorientation, and anxiety. At the very least, we can divert your mind and shunt it off along dark tangents where your imagination may flourish in interesting ways.

Actually, we won’t do any of that ourselves. We’re merely conduits to the people who will — the solo artists behind Never Presence Forever and Gridfailure, who have joined forces for a split that’s projected for both a digital and a tape release on December 23. We have a full stream of the split below — with a preface, of course, produced by a mind that has already been spellbound and then fragmented by these sounds. Continue reading »

Apr 142016


We’re venturing off our usual beaten paths with this premiere and entering into a realm populated by wraiths.

The track is aptly named “Apparitions Revenge” and it will appear on Ensuring the Bloodline Ends Here, the debut release of Gridfailure, the new solo project of David Brenner (Theologian, ex-Heidnik, Vise Massacre, etc.) .

We are told that Gridfailure emerged without forethought through the artist’s recent experimentation with unused material collected from various solo recordings. Over the course of the album’s eight tracks, the sonic creations manifest “the abuse of electric and acoustic guitar/bass, violins, harmonica, keyboards, electronics, chimes, drums, bongos, den-den daiko, chains, bells, and more, in addition to the infusion of other components not limited to incineration, bizarre weather systems, tools, and mammals.” Continue reading »